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Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Haiti Days 27, 28, and 29: Short and Sweet

It has been a long three days! I am going to keep this Blog post short and to the point, in response to a much needed rest.

Hurray! Michele and I, accompanied by Dr. Johnny Calonge, visited a beautiful piece of property in the province of Nippes, 3 hours south of Port-Au-Prince. A three acre oasis, the property is bordered by a river (perfect for agriculture development) and less than a half mile from the ocean! It is the perfect spot for the development of our residence for street children and orphans.

On Monday SOPUDEP restarted their educational program for street children. Michele had the privilege of being the first teacher back to work and taught the children English for almost 2 hours. All of the children were so excited to be back at school. Many of them walk more than a mile each way, just to receive a free education. It is our goal that some of these children will become part of our permanent family at the H.E.R.O. residence for street children and orphans.

Michele and I will head back to the United States on Friday to begin our fundraising for the construction of the development. Please stay tuned either on my blog or on our website at Thank you for all of your support!

Steven Kirby, President

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  1. that is fantastic!

    i'm excited to see what God will make of this (with your effort :) )