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Thursday, April 8, 2010

Haiti Day 10: The Land

Today was exhausting. It was exhausting because of the constant traffic jams, stalled cars, trucks blocking the roads, etc. that make travelling Port-Au-Prince a nightmare. It was well worth it though. Today we finally viewed the donated land and solidified the architectural design for the community for orphans and street children.

Of interest is the apparent application of eminent domain that the Haiti government is set to pursue on large tracts of land in Port-Au-Prince. In fact, the donated land is possibly within this application of imminent domain. We therefore had to trace down the original surveyor of the property (surveyed in 1986), and after calling friends of friends of friends, we finally found his home, only to learn that we had just missed him by a few minutes. So tomorrow we will be off again, early in the morning, to ascertain the state of the land. We truly hope that the land is free and clear, and we can begin building in the immediate future.

We ended our day with a stop by our usual haunt, the chicken stand on Pan American Rd. For 3 dollars you get half a chicken, four boiled plantains, and 2 pieces of cassava (yucca), all drizzled in a spicy barbeque sauce. There is no better way to finish a day in Haiti than dining on the local street food.

FYI: All of these pictures are courtesy of Lars Skroder, photographer extraordinaire. We give him his thanks, especially after some people yelled at him for taking pictures, and cars almost destroyed his camera (and hand) driving so close to the window!

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