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Sunday, April 4, 2010

Haiti Day 5 and 6: Easter

Happy Easter! Even after a 7.0 earthquake, the mighty country of Haiti acknowledges Easter with a true holiday celebration. Most businesses were closed on Saturday and Sunday, and for many of the disaster relief workers it was their first official weekend off after diligently providing services for 2 and a half months. As a result, Michele and I were able to visit with some of the former Union School teachers that we worked with including Sabrina and Betty. It was good to see old friends, and to see their efforts and contribution to the relief efforts in Haiti.
I discovered a website that broadcasts immediate emergency needs in Haiti via text messages. Go to and witness the continuing need of those affected by the earthquake. It is apparent that some of the temporary camps set up after the disaster have not been seen by any large relief organizations.
Tomorrow morning we will meet again with Rea Dol at what used to be the old SOPUDEP school. It is no longer usable, and thus she will be taking us to the new land site to help with construction. Michele and I look forward to helping in any way that we can to support the relief efforts in Haiti. Please continue to follow our efforts on this blog, and our website Your comments, support, and encouragement help us to make it through each day.
Steven K.

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