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Friday, April 2, 2010

Haiti Day 4: Design Success

I want to begin by telling a short story that illustrates the beauty of the Haitian people. Today, Michele (H.E.R.O. Secretary) and I were standing outside the gate of our house, having a discussion with the Director of SOPUDEP, Rea Dol. Across from us, a young Haitian boy of about 10 years old is walking down the street, presumably on his way home. Suddenly he sees us, and comes to a stop. Traversing the dirt road he comes to me, places out his hand, and we shake. He then turns to Michele, now leaning towards the boy, and he gives her a kiss on the cheek. His mission accomplished, he turns, and continues walking down the road, towards his final destination. Welcome to Haiti.

This morning H.E.R.O. took a giant leap forward in our progress to design housing for orphans and street children. Rea Dol, the Director of SOPUDEP, the local organization here in Haiti that we have partnered with was able to find (at a moment’s notice) an architect to make our vision a reality for a minimal cost. After 2 hours of discussion we developed a solid plan that would encompass building five separate 1000 square foot units that would house 2 dormitories (boys and girls), multipurpose room, clinic, and staff/guest quarters. I have attached with this post the potential design that would be modified to meet our needs. We will travel on April 6th to the property that has been donated to better understand the size and potential of the land. Our goal is to begin construction by January, 2011.

Happy Easter! Being a largely Catholic population, Haiti celebrates Easter with gusto! On Friday and Sunday most shops have closed, and banks and government institutions are on Holiday. We have been invited to celebrate Easter with a local family, and partake in Easter supper. We hope that you enjoy your holidays, and may God bless you.

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