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Thursday, April 8, 2010

Haiti Day 8 and 9: A New Perspective

Lars Skroder and Natacha Constant arrived on April 6th: it was such a blessing to see both of them in Haiti. Michele and I met Lars at the airport, and immediately we began taking photographs of the current situation in Haiti. After settling in at the apartment, we took Lars on a visit to the old SOPUDEP School and the new SOPUDEP land site that has already begun construction. For Lars it was an opportunity to see the earthquake damage and reconstruction first hand. For us it was an opportunity to see the situation in a new light, through the lens of a camera. As a result, H.E.R.O. will be able to display lasting memories and the current restoration of Haiti.
We spent hours today taking in the destruction that is still visible in downtown Port-Au-Prince. In the same breath, we were able to spend some time with local kids, as they played and jumped around, trying to strike a pose for the camera. As a result we were able to experience the dichotomy that exists in Haiti: The struggle to survive, yet the joy that exists to simply be alive.
Natacha and Lars both brought in supplies for the children and teachers of SOPUDEP: 4 tents, school supplies, clothes for the teachers, and numerous supplies for the children to play with. SOPUDEP will begin running a small school program on Monday for the children. The school supplies will provide a respite for the children from the daily challenges that they face. Thank you to all that have supported H.E.R.O. in our goal to provide for the most underserved population in Haiti, the children. Your words of encouragement are support enough to get us through the day, and remind us of what is truly important in this world, the opportunity for basic human rights for all children, especially the children of Haiti. Thank you.

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