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Sunday, November 29, 2009

Thanksgiving in Haiti

Wow! Haiti is one amazing country! During the past three days I had the opportunity and privilege to visit Jeremie, in the most southwestern tip of Haiti. The countryside was absolutely beautiful, and the people were extremely friendly and helpful. I was invited to Jeremie by Ana, the Union School counselor. A total of five of us (Michele, Ma-Luschka, Ginette, Ana, Me) flew to Jeremie and visited a total of three cities, and three beaches, in three days. We ate traditional Haitian fare for all of our meals, and I was able to practice my Kreyol (which I must say, isn't really that good). All three beaches were beautiful, each unique in its own way. The highlight of the trip was the absolute solitude that we experienced travelling in the countryside. We drove hours upon hours without even seeing another vehicle. The landscape was decorated by gorgeous mountains, contrasted with ocean views and large, winding rivers. The pictures attached to this post do not do Haiti justice, but I want everyone to see for themselves the absolute beauty of this country. You are more than welcome to come visit, and I will be your host. Haiti is much nicer, more friendly, and much healthier than the western media portrays. I hope to hear from you soon!