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Sunday, November 8, 2009


Welcome everyone! This first post serves as the official debut of my BLOG. There are several goals for this site. It is my hope that the information presented through my posts and applications will portray a brighter side of Haiti, a side that is too often ignored by the media. After living here for nearly three months, I have only experienced joyous moments in Haiti, from teaching English with orphans to exploring the back alleys of Port-Au-Prince. An additional goal, one that is more important to the everyday lives of children in Haiti, is to provide opportunities for individuals to contribute to the housing, education, and rehabilitation of orphans. The word “contribute” has become a word equated to “giving money”, but this is by no means the definition that I adhere to. Contributions can come in the form of prayers, e-mails and letters of encouragement, or simply informing others about the true situation in Haiti, and the promise that this country holds. I encourage you to share your comments, thoughts, and feelings with me as I continue my self-discovery in Haiti. I hope that you choose to join me on this exhilarating endeavor. SK


  1. This sounds like an amazing opportunity--Joel would be proud. I am excited to hear more!

  2. This is a commendable initiative! It is bound to attract people who want to assist, help, participate and be a part of this educational venture. Thank you for sharing. You can count me in as a volunteer.

  3. Bula Steve! good wishes for making this happen and to be a force in changing the lives of many - on both sides... you are such a generous spirit, thank you for sharing this project with others. loloma yani, Lynda