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Thursday, November 15, 2012

The School of Choice

It’s not every day in Haiti that you can walk into a 4th grade classroom and be overcome with young Haitian students asking a variety of questions in English!  But that’s exactly what is happening at the L’Ecole de Choix.  With Dr. Mary Clisbee as its principal, this school is doing amazing things in the town of Mirebalais, also notably, the location of the new Partners in Health teaching hospital.  L’Ecole de Choix’s purpose is to provide a holistic and quality education to help this generation of Haitian children become the leaders of tomorrow.  In just 2 years, they are doing a very impressive job.

Dr. Clisbee initially invited me to visit the school to discuss their new track and field team and interest in participating in the inter-school competitions being held by ADAH.  Dr. Clisbee is a former track coach and is willing to donate her talent to helping ADAH train our athletes in preparation for participation in the international CARIFTA held in March.  As a fellow educator, however, it was great to see the amazing programs being implemented, quality teachers at work, and smiling faces of students eagerly learning!  For more information about L’Ecole de Choix, visit their website at

The Main Campus 
Computer Lab
Dr. Clisbee and I, both NSU Alumni!

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