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Friday, July 20, 2012

A New Child Arrives at H.E.R.O.!

Today I have the pleasure of introducing a new child at the H.E.R.O. Residence for Orphans.  Woldjimy John and his twin brother arrived at the H.E.R.O. House about one month ago.  My next post will feature his twin brother, Woldison John.  Both are in need of sponsors, for only $35.00 a month, to meet their daily needs.  Sponsor either child by visiting  Thank you!

Woldjimy John
Woldjimy John and his twin brother were just babies when their mother became ill.  Having no medical clinic in their village, she made the long painful, journey to the hospital in the city.  When she arrived, she was diagnosed with malaria, but by then it was too late.  She was too ill even to leave the hospital, and the treatments were not enough to keep her alive.  Devastated and unable to support the family on his own, the twins’ father left them in the care of their grandmother and went in search of employment.  Taking the little money he had, he traveled north to Port-de-Paix and paid for passage on a boat that would help him illegally immigrate to the Bahamas.  Between the rocking waves of a storm and the overcrowded, poorly-maintained boat, the small vessel capsized.  Unable to swim, the boys’ father drowned.  Orphaned by the time they were a year old, Woldjimy and his brother were taken in by their extended family.  They joined the nine other family members already living in a tiny, two-room shack made of mud bricks and covered with a tin roof.  Their family scraped together what food they could to feed the many mouths, but often it was just not enough.  Many nights Woldjimy went to bed hungry, dreaming not of food, but the chance to attend school.

Woldjimy playing Ping Pong!
Now 7 years old, Woldjimy has joined the H.E.R.O. family.  He happily eats three nutritious meals each day and eagerly awaits the fall when he will begin school.  He has already started learning to write his letters in preparation for that day.  Inquisitive by nature, Woldjimy seeks to understand the world and everything around him.  Whether it is learning English phrases, making his bed, or playing a new game, Woldjimy persists until he gets it right.  Woldjimy dreams of becoming a doctor and saving others from the illness that killed his mother.  We are proud to help him reach that goal.

Woldison (left) and Woldjimy (right)

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