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Friday, April 22, 2011

A Lot To Be Thankful For

Several weeks ago we added three of our orphans (Robenson, Franky, Valencia) to our orphan sponsorship page on our website. Thanks to the overwhelming generosity of three individuals Robenson, Franky, and Valencia have been fully sponsored! Full sponsorship for our children includes a safe, secure residence to live, a free education that includes attending school, personalized home instruction, and rehabilitative activities such as karate, piano lessons, and dance instruction. Additionally each child receives three healthy meals a day plus snacks, new clothes, school books and materials, and school uniforms. Most importantly, the sponsorship of our children allows H.E.R.O. to continue our work in Haiti, to help each of the children in our care to become successful and productive citizens of Haiti.

I am also excited about our continued partnership with Union School in Haiti. On April 30th we will take 60 of our students from the Education Program for Street Children to Union School for a fun-filled field day! Students at Union School currently sponsor several of our children in the education program and all will be present to interact, meet each other, and best of all, have fun! The Union School PTA has graciously donated food for the event, and we even have t-shirts for the event being donated by a Union School parent! On this day, April 30th, we hope to bridge the gap between the wealthy and the poor in a collaborative event that will highlight the possibilities in Haiti. In past blogs I have constantly talked about the division between NGOs, church organizations, private schools, etc. This event held jointly between Union School and H.E.R.O. proves that when organizations work together for the benefit of the children, anything is possible. Thank you Union School!

Our accomplishments, unfortunately, are not always without difficulties. Most recently we have had a problem with electricity at our Transition Home for Orphans. In the past week we have only received about an hour of city power. As a result we must rely on our generator, which as many know, eats a lot of gas. Add to this that the price of gas in Haiti has soared; it becomes a constant battle of running the generator enough to power us through the night versus spending too much on gas. Additionally, one of our sliding glass doors at the house has broken leaving us with a continuously half-open door. We have been working for 2 weeks to find someone to fix this, to no avail. It is also an added expense that we just don’t need. These are just two examples of the constant challenges that we face. They are miniscule to the plight of the majority of Haitians, but unfortunately they cost money, money that I would rather spend on the education and rehabilitation of our children.

Despite these challenges, we continue to move forward. May and June are the last two months of the school year in Haiti. We are in the stages of developing a summer program for the street children in an effort to provide continuous education and nutritional meals through the summer. We are also trying to procure laptops to implement a technology program at both our Transition Home and Education Program. I hope that you will join us in these efforts. The sponsors, partners, and donors that have partnered with H.E.R.O. are evidence that together, we truly can make a difference in the life of a child in Haiti.


  1. Dear Steven,

    My name is Deyanira and I live in Texas. I am a math educator for underpriviledged children. I am writing to extend to you my heartfelt wishes and blessings for all the work that you are doing for the people of Haiti. I have read some of your stories, and must tell you that I admire your generosity. I will pray that you will continue to persevere in your work and overcome your struggles. I will also pray that you receive the needed funds for your summer program. May God bless you abundantly and continue to bless all your works.

    Best wishes,

  2. Dear Deyanira,

    Thank you for your prayers! We have faith that God will provide all that is needed for us to accomplish our mission in Haiti. Thank you for your support! God Bless.

    Steven Kirby

  3. I haven't sponsored a child but have been following the Haiti incident and am looking into doing something to help. Keep up your good work.