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Tuesday, January 25, 2011

First Day of School

The past 2 days have been a real whirlwind! On Monday we enrolled Robenson into school. He is enrolled in second grade at SOPUDEP, a local school/charity that we have partnered with on many occasions. The next step was running around town trying to match the small uniform samples to the material in different shops. After walking through seas of people selling everything including the kitchen sink (literally) we found the material for both pants and shirts. Monday is also the day that Daniel and Michele teach English at SOUPDEP so we stopped in to see how it was going. Can you picture 25 street children correctly saying and pronouncing words for school supplies in English! Well, if you can’t, then you should come down and take a look! My only regret from watching the amazing work of Daniel and Michele as they worked with the children of Haiti was, “I wish we could do more!”

Today Robenson went to his first day of school at SOPUDEP. Fortunately, one of his classmates is Kevons, a child that used to be in the afternoon program at SOPUDEP but has progressed to the morning program. Kevons helped Robenson line up for morning assembly and then helped him find a seat amongst the crowd of second graders in the tiny classroom. Tomorrow is another exciting day for H.E.R.O. as we are scheduled to enroll Robenson’s 13 year old sister. We are excited that they will be reunited under one roof! More information to come as soon as get a better internet connection! God Bless!

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