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Saturday, December 4, 2010

Please visit to help the street children of Haiti!

Greetings Fellow H.E.R.O. Supporters!

While Haiti waits for the results of the presidential election, the street children in the H.E.R.O. Education Program wait for generous sponsors to help provide them with school uniforms, school supplies, and daily meals. For a monthly sponsorship of $25 you can help to provide all of these basic needs and more to one of the 23 children in our program. Our children come from all over the capital of Haiti, sometimes walking for miles to receive a free education. Our children are often victims of physical, social, and sexual abuse, living on the streets to escape their horrid pasts. They have survived the deaths of their mothers and fathers, earthquakes, hurricanes, and thus far they have managed to evade the recent cholera epidemic. While H.E.R.O. currently funds the salaries of all 5 teachers in the program, we want to do more for the children. Your sponsorship will provide each child with school uniforms, school supplies, and a daily meal. For most of our children, this meal will be the only meal of the day. Together we can make a difference in the life of a street child in Haiti. To learn how you can become a sponsor please CLICK HERE. Thank you for your continued support!


Steven Kirby

Please visit to help the street children of Haiti!

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