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Monday, November 15, 2010

Cholera Update

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H.E.R.O. Provides A Free Education For Maxo

Haiti continues to carry the burden and suffering of the world. After the magnitude 7.0 earthquake killed over 230,000 people in January, hurricane Tomas killed another 20, and now there have been over 1000 confirmed deaths from cholera. The number of cholera deaths will only continue to rise until every person in Haiti has access to clean drinking water and proper sanitation.

Chloriantors Provide Clean Drinking Water For H.E.R.O.

At H.E.R.O. we were fortunate to have chlorinators installed at our Transition Home in Port-au-Prince last week. All water passing into our showers, toilets, and sinks funnels through a chlorine system installed on our water tanks, resulting in water that is clean enough to drink. Furthermore, we are creating emergency cholera treatment kits in the event that our children or staff should become infected. In Haiti, when one travels to the hospital, most often you are met by a doctor or nurse that then tells you what medicine you will require to be treated. You then must go to the nearest pharmacy to buy the medication, and then return to the hospital to have the IV, or other medicine, professionally dispensed by the doctor. Cholera has the capacity to kill within 4 hours, and thus the time required to get to a hospital, purchase the necessary medication, and have it properly dispensed may simply be too much, resulting in death. We hope that by creating cholera treatment kits we will be able to have immediate access to the necessary medication and medical instruments to provide treatment within one hour. In addition to the chlorinators and treatment kits we continue to advise our children and staff to wash their hands regularly, and we only serve food that has been thoroughly cooked. This is the reality of Haiti.

Going To School Puts A Smile On Laura's Face

I also want to express that the cholera problem in Haiti is not a Haiti problem, it is a world problem. Haiti is a country that is only a 1.5 hour plane ride from the United States, where most DO NOT have access to clean water, and HALF never attend school. It is also OUR problem. While it is true that H.E.R.O. ( would be grateful for your donation to help us aid the street children and orphans of Haiti, what is MORE important is that you please help Haiti by selecting and donating to at least one of the many incredible organizations working hard to create a better Haiti, including
Partners In Health (, SOPUDEP (, International Action (, and many others that are making great efforts to secure a better life for the people of Haiti. We really can make a difference in this world, but we must work together to get results.

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